Kitchen closed until further notice

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, high welfare, organic food

Locally sourced whenever possible

5 star hygiene rated kitchen

Best seller Breakfast Bars - free postage to UK

Dates, nuts, seeds and cinnamon - 8 luscious bars for £12

DeLuxe Breakfast Bars

Nuts, seeds, dates, cinnamon with added delicious superfoods goji berries and cacao nibs - 8 delicious bars for £15

Nut-free Deluxe Breakfast Bars

Seeds, dates, cinnamon with added delicious superfoods goji berries and cacao nibs - 8 super healthy bars for £15

All ingredients certified organic

Prepared in a kitchen that handles other allergens - No peanuts used

All Breakfast Bars produced and packed in a 5 star hygiene rated kitchen for maximum freshness (Food Hygiene Report)

When opened eat within 5 days - store in a sealed container in the fridge

Suitable for freezing

bb box..jpg

Breakfast bars ready to post

Menu.......Norwich only - free delivery in Norwich for orders over £20

V = Vegan

Vg = Vegetarian

GF = Gluten free

NAS = No added sugar

Ingredients are organic and sourced locally whenever possible

Portions are generous. Specialising in healthy, organic meals

Cooked in a 5 star hygiene rated kitchen with love and care

Sweet potato shepherdess pie - £8 - V GF

Veg and chickpea curry (your choice of heat) - £8 - V GF

Lentil and chestnut bolognese/ragu - £8 - V GF

Bean burgers (with tahini sauce) - £2 each - V GF

Nut roast with red wine and cranberry sauce - £8 - V GF 

Wholemeal seeded bread (large) - £5 - V

White olive and garlic bread (large) - £5 - V

Almond and chickpea protein loaf (small) - £5 - Vg GF

Rainbow salad - £6 - V GF

Mushroom and sweet potato frittata - £6 - Vg GF

Brandy soaked fruit cake - £5 - Vg

Vegan brandy soaked fruit cake - £5 - V

Apple and blueberry crumble with coconut cream - £6 - V GF NAS

contact Anne on 07899953974 or to place your order 

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