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It all began in 1958​.....

No, it's alright I'm not going to tell you my life story. Just that I'm passionate about health, fitness and well-being and love sharing how you can benefit from what I've learned. I run an award-winning vegan B&B in the gorgeous and delightful city of Norwich which is how I came to receive a 5 star rating for the kitchen that I now use to bake tasty vegan treats.

I am an award-winning business and life coach, Qigong teacher and NIA trained dance fitness instructor. I've also trained in nutrition, health and fitness and love working with those of us not such spring chickens any more but still full of the zest for life. 

I've been fortunate to have had some amazing teachers along this journey of life.

The pandemic struck and suddenly my semi-retirement was shaken out of existence. The B&B and fitness venues temporarily closed so I started experimenting with vegan recipes that cover all the bases for health, especially boosting the immune system.


My coaching sessions for women went outdoors and I started Wild Coaching. Making use of the many accessible places of natural beauty that we have in Norwich and Norfolk.

I hope you join me in squeezing every last drop of lusciousness and juiciness out of this one wild and indeed precious life we have.

The story

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