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This is genius! A coaching space that is uncontained and thriving, where ideas can free-flow and unfold naturally.

Anne’s exceptional ability / gift to work intuitively and remain present within the coaching process, has been both the birth place as well as incubation of Hidden Capacities as a social enterprise. Coaching in a field allows for movement and the subtleties of what we can need as humans to be met.

We are nature and nature inspires, the co-creation and insight that accessing coaching  can give to us has never be more needed within humanity right now.


If in need of inspiration but not at the expense of safety due to the requirements for social distancing, coaching in a field can offer this to you. 

Giving you a rest from the digital age, as there is no need to stare at a screen! 


Thank you sincerely Anne for all you have done to support our organisation. 


Founder of Hidden Capacities 

Reannon Tapp 

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